Project Type: Urban Development

Location: Kuwait

Client: Kuwait Municipality

Consultant: BDP in association with OBD

Project Description:
Building Design Partnership Ltd. (BDP) in Association with OBD has successfully bid for a transport and planning framework master plan for the Salmiya district of Kuwait City; the formal signing of the 14 month contract, with a value in excess of £2m, took place in January 2011. Due to the growth in economic activities in Salmiya Area and the gradually increase in the floor area ratio (FAR) and changes in land use in some parts of the study area as the increased number of private schools and medical institutions (Hospitals and Clinics) the traffic within the area has pressurize the road network and utilities. This project aims to solve Salmiyah problems which are the subsequent surge in economic activities without the necessary infrastructure, which has resulted in serious traffic problems in Salmiya during the peak hours and in some areas the congestion continues throughout the day.