Project Type: Soil Improvement

Location: North West Sulaibikhat, Kuwait

Client: Public Authority for Housing Welfare ( PAHW )

Consultant: Hamza Associates in association with OBD

Project Description:
The work consists of treatment and improvement of the properties of weak soil using the Dynamic Compaction / Dynamic Replacement Method. The Soil Replacement Method (including excavation and backfilling) in addition to dewatering had been implemented in areas containing gas pipe-lines and life-lines as instructed by the Owner. The Sulaibikhat site is comprised of an area of approximately 250 hectares and is bounded by Road (85) to the south, the link connecting Road (85) with the Seventh Ring Road to the west, a vacant land lot followed by the Entertainment City to the North and the seashore of Kuwait Bay to the East at a distance of about 250m.